1. Supplement your journey with a good-quality multivitamin

If you’re doing intense training then you may need to fortify your body with extra vitamins and minerals to help repair and assist metabolic maintenance. One-a-day multis with extra B, C and D are great during the winter months.


2. Magnesium magic
Our bodies need magnesium as it’s an incredible multi-tasker connected to over 300 biochemical reactions in our body! Yep – it’s a must-have to help metabolise fats, carbs and support a healthy energy system while you are training and recovery afterwards.

3. Get your OM on with omegas
I take flaxseed in my smoothies and add this to oats during the winter months as well to build up the essential fats in my diet. Think of omega-3 as the oil for your engine. The fatty acids help your recovery phase, prevent muscle breakdown and reduce wear and tear on joints.

4. Hydrate, Hyrdate, Hyrdate!
Even though the weather’s cooler, drinking good amounts of water is essential. Water is critical for supporting metabolic function. Avoid sugary sports drinks and soft drinks and stick to plain filtered water – filling up and drinking at least four of your large sports bottles if you can a day. Add squeezed lemon or lime juice as well – it’s an ideal way to kick-start your digestive system in the mornings and I keep a jug with this on my desk and keep refilling with filtered water.


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